Mercedes-Benz Road Performance Guide

Your Gatherer of GenuineParts Updates for an Authentic Mercedes-Benz

In possession of more than 100 years’ vehicle and parts manufacture experience, Mercedes-Benz now goes further and provides you the brand new website, Mercedes-Benz Road Performance Guide. The site gathers updates of various MB GenuineParts, fully supporting the maintenance of your completely authentic Mercedes-Benz.

As we always put your safety and driving comfort in the top priority, we specially set up the Mercedes-Benz Road Performance Guide online. The guide elaborates on 7 parts, such as brake disc, filter and wiper blade, as well as their importance of dealing with ordinary road troubles.

In addition, we entrusted an independent laboratory in Germany with the testing of Mercedes-Benz GenuineParts’ performance against other brands.

As a result, MB GenuineParts outperformed all other brands in all tests, which proves the exceptional quality of MB GenuineParts. What is more, with an extreme durability and a full 2-year warranty, it is the most cost-effective way to keep your MB in the best condition in terms of outstanding performance and also its unique charm of luxury.

For your safety and the best driving experience,
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