Only Mercedes-Benz GenuineParts is Genuine

Once a Mercedes, always a Mercedes. That's the timeless pledge of GenuineParts. As recognizable as its famous star, they guarantee the legendary Mercedes safety and quality, even after numerous kilometers. With two years warranty*, GenuineParts is assurance - the assured conviction that your Mercedes-Benz will give superlative performance each time you take the wheel

Genuine Mercedes-Benz Brake Disc

To ensure the smooth operation and stability of your Mercedes-Benz, Genuine Mercedes-Benz brake disc is your best choice.
The brake disc is permanently "on duty" and subjected to dirt, spray, environmental influences, extreme temperatures and temperature fluctuations, and great force. By virtue of its quality, functionality and construction, the Genuine Mercedes-Benz brake disc effectively copes with these operating and environmental factors to ensure an outstanding level of active safety. Why 

Genuine Mercedes-Benz Brake Disc

1. Genuine Mercedes-Benz brake disc ensures outstanding safety, reliability and efficiency, as it corresponds to regular production components and is therefore optimally configured for electronic control systems such as ANTI-LOCK BRAKE SYSTEM (ABS), ACCELERATION SKID CONTROL (ASR) & ELECTRONIC STABILITY PROGRAM (ESP).

2. Genuine Mercedes-Benz brake disc guarantees perfect compatibility with all Mercedes Benz passenger cars and its specific functional and performance characteristics.

3. Genuine Mercedes-Benz brake disc is a guarantee of high quality, durability and comfort through the exclusive use of first-class materials:
- A high level of mechanical strength and thermal conductivity and diffusivity, minimizing physical deterioration and wear during operation
- Outstanding deceleration performance, i.e. optimal braking and stopping distances
- Consistent deceleration values over its entire operating life by virtue of uniform lining wear (frictional stability and wear resistance)
- A high level of comfort through minimal noise disturbance and pedal pulsation (squeaking and juddering)

4. Genuine Mercedes-Benz brake disc components are available from the Global Logistic Centre in Germersheim, Germany in consistent premium quality throughout the lifecycle of a Mercedes-Benz passenger car.

Because of the exceptional benefits of Mercedes-Benz GenuineParts, all authorized Mercedes-Benz service centres select only Mercedes-Benz GenuineParts.

*Please contact any of Mercedes-Benz Service Centres for further information