A small sticker can save lives

Safety first.

As the pioneer automotive manufacturer and the market leader, Mercedes-Benz attaches great importance on the safety of drivers and passengers. The ever more complex vehicle technology is making the job increasingly difficult for rescuers in the event of accidents. In view of this, Mercedes-Benz is the first automotive manufacturer to use digital rescue sticker as an additional measure for rescuers.

To ensure fast and safe rescue, and to minimize the risks for drivers, passengers and rescuers, the rescue sticker with a QR code provides rescuers with important information about the position of critical vehicle components such as fuel tank, airbags or electrical wires. Rescuers could simply scan the code by using the code reader app downloaded on a smart phone or tablet and read the information through internet.

Rescue sticker has been included as a standard on all Mercedes-Benz and smart cars manufactured since January 2014. The stickers are affixed in the fuel filler cap and the B-pillar opposite in the cars. 

Owners of Mercedes-Benz and smart cars built from 1990 onwards can have their cars retrofitted with the rescue sticker free of charge. Please contact our Mercedes-Benz Authorised Service Centres in Hong Kong and Macau for appointment.

* Requires Internet connection

Pick up the rescue sticker from your Mercedes-Benz dealership.

"There are certain areas on every vehicle where we cannot cut without exposing vehicle occupants or ourselves to unnecessary risk. That's why it's important for us to be able to access potentially life-saving information from outside the vehicle. … This saves precious time at the scene of an accident. Every second counts and any support can be crucial."
Oliver H., fireman, interviewed by Mercedes-Benz on the new rescue sticker.